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9Y4C-5 KE0VH-2 05/08 11:23:51z Send another Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago, heard you on the net tonight {1
MAIL 9Y4C-5 04/03 21:32:26z Reply Msg left for 9Y4C{1737
9Y4C-5 MAIL 04/03 21:32:25z Send another @9y4c-7 Testing{2
MAIL 9Y4C-5 04/03 21:31:23z Reply Msg left for 9Y4C{1736
9Y4C-5 MAIL 04/03 21:31:23z Send another @9y4c-10 testing{1
WXYO 9Y4C-5 03/23 03:44:32z Reply in 0mm,clouds 39 %{HO
WXYO 9Y4C-5 03/23 03:44:27z Reply Petit Bourg in h scattered clouds T:24.47C,W70@2.68,H91,P1013hPa,ra{HN
9Y4C-5 WXYO 03/23 03:44:21z Send another Weather {1
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:39:03z Reply Unknown request. Send ? for help{165
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:39:03z Send another Abort{127
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:38:47z Reply Missing subject and/or address{164
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:38:47z Send another /EX{126
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:37:40z Reply New message to: 9Y4C@winlink.org. Send /EX when complete.{162
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:37:39z Send another SP 9Y4C 9z5dz subject: Test{125
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:36:19z Reply Message sent to: 9Y4C-10@winlink.org{161
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:36:18z Send another /EX{124
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:36:05z Send another This is a test, hope it goes through{123
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:35:29z Reply New message to: 9Y4C-10@winlink.org. Send /EX when complete.{160
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:35:29z Send another SP 9Y4C-10 9Z4Y Subject: Testing{122
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:33:35z Reply Message sent to: 9Y4DA@winlink.org{159
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:33:35z Send another /EX{121
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:33:16z Send another Let me know if you get it, 73{120
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:32:37z Send another I am sending this from APRSDROID on my phone. {119
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:31:17z Reply New message to: 9Y4DA@winlink.org. Send /EX when complete.{158
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:31:17z Send another SP 9Y4DA Subject: Testing{118
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:19:01z Reply Message sent to: J62DX@winlink.org{156
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:19:00z Send another /EX{117
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:18:33z Send another EX/{116
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:18:17z Send another Method: APRSDROID {115
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:18:01z Send another Grid Square: FK90GP{114
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:17:44z Send another Location: San Juan{113
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:17:28z Send another Dexter{112
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:17:02z Send another Checking in to winlink wednesday{111
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:16:30z Reply New message to: J62DX@winlink.org. Send /EX when complete.{154
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:16:30z Send another SP J62DX Subject: Winlink Wednesday {110
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:15:36z Reply Hello 9Y4C-5. Login valid for ~2 hours{147
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:15:35z Send another c1mjiy{109
WLNK-1 9Y4C-5 03/20 23:13:55z Reply Login [486]:{146
9Y4C-5 WLNK-1 03/20 23:13:55z Send another Login{108
9Y4C-5 9Y4C-10 03/20 23:11:48z Send another Test{3
9Y4C-5 WLNK-2 03/20 23:11:21z Send another H{3
9Y4C-5 WLK-1 03/20 23:10:26z Send another H{2