9Y4QA-6 messages

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9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/20 19:30:41z Send another hello iss{SU}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/19 18:46:38z Send another hello{DQ}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/19 00:35:45z Send another hello iss {VT}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/18 06:23:24z Send another greeting space man{WY}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/17 07:11:37z Send another greeting{AV}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/16 07:58:07z Send another greeting iss {VI}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/15 08:48:08z Send another hello iss{HB}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/13 08:50:44z Send another greetings space man CQ{40
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/13 08:50:25z Send another hello iss{MK}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/11 08:53:06z Send another greetings SPace man{13
9Y4QA-6 KB1CRN-14 05/09 02:17:55z Send another greetings{PJ}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/09 00:41:48z Send another greetings{JS}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/08 09:32:36z Send another greetings{CQ}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/08 01:41:01z Send another greeting{PJ}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/07 10:33:01z Send another Greeting space man 73!!!{67
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/07 02:16:43z Send another hello space man keep well{MP}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/06 11:22:43z Send another Greeting space man 73!!!{50
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/06 11:21:31z Send another greeting{XQ}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/05 12:13:41z Send another hello{FP}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/04 13:00:08z Send another hello iss {AJ}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/04 11:24:47z Send another hello ISS Greeting{29
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/04 01:32:38z Send another safe night space man 73!{XI}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/04 01:30:18z Send another hello ISS Greeting!!{25
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/04 01:30:15z Send another hello ISS Greeting!!{24
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/04 01:25:41z Send another greeting space man !!{HH}
KP3V 9Y4QA-6 05/03 12:13:51z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/03 12:12:49z Send another hello ISS Greeting{16
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/03 12:12:32z Send another greeting iss{CY}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/03 02:22:22z Send another greeting{ZP}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/03 02:14:32z Send another hello world and space man keep well{HO}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/02 13:58:24z Send another hello space man keep well 73!!!{AW}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/02 13:03:38z Send another hello ISS Greeting{4
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/02 13:03:31z Send another hello ISS Greeting{1
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/02 11:23:38z Send another hello world {LV}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/02 01:29:28z Send another space man greeting 73!!{QA}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 05/01 14:53:44z Send another hello iss{WL}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/30 13:04:10z Send another greeting space man{HA}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/30 10:57:57z Send another hello space man {UY}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/19 13:52:36z Send another greeting iss {RL}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/18 12:26:34z Send another greeting iss{JI}
WHO-IS 9Y4QA-6 04/17 09:41:19z Reply A/Daniel ダニエル/Germany{I9}RI
9Y4QA-6 WHO-IS 04/17 09:41:19z Send another DL7NDR{RI}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/17 08:55:08z Send another hello iss{OL}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/17 07:39:49z Send another greeting space man lol{AP}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/17 07:20:33z Send another greeting iss 73!!{VN}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/17 07:12:14z Send another greeting iss{CH}
RS0ISS 9Y4QA-6 04/12 13:17:07z Reply Slushaem na Sewerom Poluse RD1A/MM
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/12 08:53:38z Send another greeting iss{OS}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/11 10:33:19z Send another greeting iss{YX}
9Y4QA-6 YB0X-1 04/11 00:04:16z Send another greeting{IN}
9Y4QA-6 A55BTN 04/10 23:05:16z Send another greeting{MD}
9Y4QA-6 A55BTN 04/10 21:34:50z Send another greeting from Tobago 73!{TP}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/10 21:17:37z Send another greeting iss{OR}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/10 21:16:26z Send another greeting space man 73!!{LY}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/10 11:26:11z Send another hello iss 73!{ZQ}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/09 12:10:34z Send another greeting Buccoo 73!! iss{TK}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/09 10:33:58z Send another greeting iss keep great space man 73!{VK}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/08 22:54:37z Send another 73! iss{WB}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/08 22:53:05z Send another hello from buccoo space man 73!{SO}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/08 21:18:13z Send another greeting iss{QB}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/08 19:42:29z Send another greeting{UB}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/08 11:28:25z Send another hello{EX}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/08 11:23:20z Send another greeting{ZI}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/08 11:21:10z Send another hello iss from Buccoo 73! keep safe{RV}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/07 23:43:17z Send another greeting space man 73!keep safe {ND}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/07 22:08:59z Send another hello iss have fun{SG}
9Y4QA-6 RS0ISS 04/07 22:06:39z Send another greeting iss{OC}