Information for Operators of Ham Weather Stations

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Information for Ham Operators of Citizen Weather Stations

1. Checking weather data packets carried on the APRS-IS

There are several types of weather data packets and they are identified by the character after the first colon. The most common type is the APRS Position Format identified by the at-sign "@". This type carries the station time, station position and weather data. Another type is the APRS Positionless Format identified by the underscore-sign "_". This carries station time and weather data. Station position is in a less frequent status packet. Yet another type is the Peet Format that carries the station time, station position and weather data in hex characters. This type is identified by the dollar-sign "$". And there are other types of formats as shown below.

Here are daily records of each of these packet types. The first four sets are updated hourly and show the latest received packet and the number of packets and duplicates received from that station during the previous hour and since the start of the day. The last set is updated continuously and covers the past 2 hours.

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